Sciurilli, sciuriddi, alla romana: pumpkin flower is fried!

Italy is a land full of culinary traditions: 20 regions that pass on their history using a great deal of local and typical products. A past strictly linked to the land, to farmers, told every day on our tables. A key ingredient of our local cuisine tradition is surely pumpkin flower. Its delicate taste and vivid color make it one


Radish, superfood for unique recipes!

Radish is a veggie with a very ancient history that soon became a typical product of the Mediterranean area. Even if the red and round one is the most known one, in Italy we can find different varieties according to shapes, colors and tastes, spicy or sweet. A small superfood that has a lot of benefits: it belongs to the

Tropea onions - 2

Red onion of Tropea IGP: Calabria’s red gold

Sweet, crunchy, slightly spicy, with a round or elongated shape, full of benefits for the whole body. We are talking about the red onion from Tropea, also called Calabria’s red gold because of its characteristics that made it famous all over the world. With the IGP mark, this onion grows in the enchanted coast that goes from Cosenza to Vibo


Limone di Sorrento IGP: an Italian excellency

An excellency of the Sorrento Peninsula and the king of the Italian cuisine. We are talking about the Sorrento Lemon, a fruit with unique characteristics, certified by the IGP mark, and a symbol of the italian region Campania. Easily recognizable among all the lemons because of its big dimensions and because of its oval shape. Something even more particular is


Kamut: millennial properties in a grain

Its original name is khorasan but we all know it as kamut, precious cereal with an ancient history, more than 6000 years, when the firsts cultivations appeared in Egypt. After a long period of absence, this variety of grain came back to our tables. Its numerous properties make it one of the most complete cereal available. And there are many


Summer fragrance: creative recipes with melon

There’s no summer without melon. fresh, juicy, thirst-quenching and with a sugary taste, this fruit is perfect for this hot season. There are different varieties: netted peel or smooth, white or orange pulp. In Italy, one of the best is the Melon of Mantua IGP that has a characteristic sweet taste and intense aroma. This season is when melons are


Mangetout, a refill of properties and taste

In Italy, there’s such a variety of ingredients, some of them are not so known, but they are really tasty and full of properties. Like mangetout, precious ingredient that we can eat during this season. They are called mangetout, taccole in Italian, because you can eat the whole ingredient, even the pod. This makes them an ingredient full of benefits


Tenerumi and prickly pears: say no to food waste

We need to do something against food waste, and this starts directly from our eating habits and from the knowledge we have of the food we buy.  There are many ingredients that we can use without throwing away a single part, and each of it has its particular properties. For example, zucchini squash and prickly pears, two ingredients that we


Melon and gorgonzola, a surprising combination

Innovation and creativity, also to give value to local products, to reinterpret them with different combinations and mixes, sometimes unusual. It’s what happened between the Melon of Mantua IGP and the Gorgonzola DOP, two ingredients with different origin and traditions, both protected by their own consortium, that guarantee their authenticity. The melon of Mantua IGP, a special summer fruit, is characterized


Bottura De Niro, the unusual duo focusing on Bronx

An Academy Award winner and a starred chef, together for a common goal: fight food waste. Massimo Bottura, recently awarded for having the best restaurant in the world, “Osteria Francescana”, never stops and keeps developing his ambitious project with the “Refettorio Ambrosiano”: after Expo 2015 and the 15 tons of food recovered and distributes, he is now getting ready for